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Rolling Brook is a fictional small town nestled in the hills west of Chicago, Illinois. The series features the Redland family and details the dangerous situations they find themselves in for love. The first book tells the story of the oldest brother, Jake who owns Whiteford Farm. In the second book readers get to know Jake's brother Dillon who is a cop in Rolling Brook. His twin sister Daisy, the quintessential small-town girl stars in the third book and completes the original trilogy. The fourth book stars, Luther, a cop we meet in the first book, and there will be a fifth book following a detective that is introduced in the third book. This will complete the series.

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She wanted fresh air but will it cost her life to get it? 

Blair O'Rourke is a criminal defense lawyer who has written off men. She sets out on a road trip to forget the last one she was involved with and finds herself hunted by someone he has sent after her. Stranded in the small town of Rolling Brook, will she trust another man to keep her safe, and can she stop herself from falling for him in the process?

Not one to refuse someone in need of help, especially when Blair has no one else to turn to, local farmer Jake Redland becomes entangled in the same trouble she brought with her from Chicago. He has no problem risking life and limb to keep her safe, but, having been burned by love once, will he risk the flames again for another city woman?

Find out in this fast-paced, insta-love story!

His small town had been marred by violence—violence he couldn’t shake. 

Dillon Redland is a cop in Rolling Brook. He is used to helping others, but after he is unable to move past the death of one of his junior officers that occurred in the line of duty, Dillon is forced to ask for help from local therapist, Lydia Mason.

Dillon is soon offering to help Lydia instead when a figure from her past comes back to haunt her. She has recently moved to Rolling Brook from Chicago hoping to escape a man who is stalking her. Dillon and Lydia are attracted to each other but know anything other than a professional relationship is out of the question . . . or is it? Can Lydia help Dillon let go of the past, and can he keep her safe from hers in the process?

Find out in this forbidden, slow-burn romance!


The drugs they find in her apartment have nothing on the addiction she's developing for her arresting officer.

Daisy Redland's life is as quiet as the small town she lives in, until she finds herself framed for a crime she didn’t commit. With her brother out of town, the only cop she knows to turn to for help is the one who’s charging her—the same one she's had a crush on for years.

James Jameson has been trying to avoid the trouble that is his best friend's sister. But when her case gets dropped on his desk, that's no longer an option. As the search for the truth pushes them together, will he be able to resist her? And can they prove her innocence before it's too late?

Find out in this suspenseful, slow-burn romance!


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Coming Late 2022!

Can he win her over before his investigation lands them both in danger?

The life of a small-town cop is making Luther Monroe restless, but the new girl is about to liven things up. When he stops to help this damsel in distress, he doesn’t expect to be attracted to the haughty little brunette, but her perfume reminds him of his favorite candy and leaves him craving a taste of her.

Anna Hendricks has just moved to Rolling Brook to be the town’s historic preservationist. Her first day on the job, it becomes clear someone already has it in for her. But who? When the police officer willing to help her is also determined to date her, it isn’t only her job that’s threatened—it’s her heart. Will she give into his charms or will the secrets she keeps condemn her to face the threat alone?

Find out in this suspenseful, opposites-attract romance!