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My debut short novel HUNTED AT WHITEFORD FARM will be available for preorder July 15! I'm so excited to get my book baby out there. I'll be sending out requests for ARC signups very soon, so get ready!


She wanted fresh air but will it cost her life to get it? Blair O'Rourke is a criminal defense lawyer who has written off men. She sets out on a road trip to forget the last one she was involved with and finds herself hunted by someone he has sent after her. Stranded in the small town of Rolling Brook, will she trust another man to keep her safe, and can she stop herself from falling for him in the process? Not one to refuse someone in need of help, especially when Blair has no one else to turn to, local farmer Jake Redland becomes entangled in the same trouble she brought with her from Chicago. He has no problem risking life and limb to keep her safe, but, having been burned by love once, will he risk the flames again for another city woman?

Find out in Hunted at Whiteford Farm.

Hunted at Whiteford Farm is a small town romantic suspense novella. It is the first in a trilogy set in the fictional town of Rolling Brook, but it stands alone and has a happy ending!

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