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It's finally here! Release day for the second book in my Rolling Brook series! I'm so excited to share Dillon and Lydia with you. I fell in love with these characters as I wrote them. Their story has its ups and down, but it's all worth it in the end! Hope you enjoy it!

GIFTS FROM A STALKER is now live! Get your copy here.


His small town had been marred by violence—violence he couldn’t shake.

This second book in the Rolling Brook Series follows Dillon Redland who is a cop in Rolling Brook. He is used to helping others, but after he is unable to move past the death of one of his junior officers that occurred in the line of duty, Dillon is forced to ask for help from local therapist, Lydia Mason.

Dillon is soon offering to help Lydia instead when a figure from her past comes back to haunt her. She has recently moved to Rolling Brook from Chicago hoping to escape a man who is stalking her. Dillon and Lydia are attracted to each other but know anything other than a professional relationship is out of the question . . . or is it? Can Lydia help Dillon let go of the past, and can he keep her safe from hers in the process?

Find out in Gifts from a Stalker!

Gifts from a Stalker is a small-town romantic suspense story. It is the second book in a series set in the fictional town of Rolling Brook, but it stands alone and has a happy ending.

*Warning/Triggers: this book contains strong language, violence and adult scenes

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