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New Release!

Condemned by Secrets is now live! I had so much fun writing Anna and Luther's story. The tension between these two is just angsty enough to create a delicious slow burn romance! And now you can get your copy in either ebook or paperback!

Can he win her over before his investigation lands them both in danger?

The life of a small-town cop is making Luther Monroe restless, but the new girl is about to liven things up. When he stops to help this damsel in distress, he doesn’t expect to be attracted to the haughty little brunette, but her perfume reminds him of his favorite candy and leaves him craving a taste of her.

Anna Hendricks has just moved to Rolling Brook to be the town’s historic preservationist. Her first day on the job, it becomes clear someone already has it in for her. But who? When the police officer willing to help her is also determined to date her, it isn’t only her job that’s threatened—it’s her heart. Will she give into his charms or will the secrets she keeps condemn her to face the threat alone?

Find out in this suspenseful, opposites-attract romance!

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