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Now Available!

Undercover Santa is now available in ebook or paperback! Grab this steamy holiday novella just in time for Christmas!

🎅🏼 Blurb 🎅🏼

Will Tessa's encounter with Sexy Santa change her mind about the Christmas holiday?

When a blackout shuts down Tessa Hadley's small town, her Christmas Eve goes from bad to worse. That is . . . until the man of her dreams walks into her bakery dressed in—of all things—a Santa suit. The story he tells her is wild, but when bullets start flying, she has no choice but to trust him.

Nick Ryker didn't plan to put Tessa in danger, but since she is, he's determined to get her out of it. As an undercover DEA agent, he's been in his share of dicey situations, but with more than his own skin on the line for a change, Nick finds himself vulnerable in a way he never expected.

Can he protect her while tracking down the truth, or will the cost be too high?

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